Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

The Bridgewater Hall is a large theatre in the Centre of Manchester whom were keen to determine their presence in Manchester as a significant theatrical venue.

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The Problem

Manchester Bridgewater Hall is an iconic building, situated opposite Manchester Central Convention Complex and behind the Midland Hotel. The problem is that it’s not immediately visible from many of the pedestrian areas in that area of Manchester and can be overshadowed by the much larger buildings around it.

The Challenge

The challenge was how to make the building stand out and more importantly, how to access the upper levels of this unusual structure.

Outside of Bridgewater Hall

The solution

Our solution was to create something that had instant kerb appeal. Something that would draw the attention from quite a distance and make it an interesting destination.

We chose to install a series of string lights to the main glazing internally, at the front of the building as it was city facing as we knew this would give the building kerb appeal. People would be able to see it from some distance and people in passing cars and trams would definitely notice it.

To do this we used a series of scaffold towers and a scissor lift to fix the lights to a height of 10 metres and secured them at 5 metres.

This worked well and the building became instantly visible from the city centre as it became even more impressive than it already was, the building managers were pleased with the outcome and retained us to install and take down this display for the next three years.

The customers loved it, the management loved it and we transformed an iconic Manchester building into a sparking seasonal destination. Our process of making large buildings attractive worked again.

Barker Family Stairs with Garland

Mr & Mrs Barker

Front of Rosso restaurant and bar

Rosso Restaurant

Close up of Christmas decorations

the mayor of manchester