Mr & Mrs Barker, Cheadle

We love a challenge and the challenge to transform this home in Cheadle was the kind of challenge we relish.

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The Problem

Mrs Barker loved Christmas and didn’t want to decorate her house as she had done for year after year, preferring instead something more stylish and contemporary. The problem was she didn’t like any of the traditional designs and wanted something that was more in keeping with the property they had.

The Challenge

We were told that the final solution was not to be over the top and instead needed to be minimalist, tasteful and stylish.

The home was a large modern house, and a lot of money had been spent on the internal and external décor, so we needed to ensure that we blended in with the existing decoration and did not detract from the aesthetic of the property.

Barker Family Stairs with Garland
Christmas tree with large silver star on top
White fireplace with white garland

The solution

Our solution was quite straightforward in the end, though it took some time to get the right result.

The key to this was to work on simplicity. Anyone can put up lots of lights and make it look garish, but to do this property justice we needed to work with less, not more.

As you can see from the pictures, we concentrated on creating a modern but luxurious look with the colours blending in with the colours and theme of the house.

We were keen to ensure the final result was seamless and had the minimum amount of disruption to the property.

When the owner came home, she was overjoyed with what we had achieved for her and recommended us to her friend who also used our services.

It is always satisfying when you can make someone feel like that about something they love.

Close up of Christmas decorations

the mayor of manchester

Front of Rosso restaurant and bar

Rosso Restaurant

Bridgewater Hall with white christmas lights

Bridgewater Hall