The Mayor of Manchester

We were surprised and honoured to be contacted directly by The Mayor of Manchester who was asking if we could possibly decorate his parlour at Manchester Town Hall!

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The Problem

How to transform a period room, in a listed building, used by the public officials and dignitaries alike and not destroy the period feel of the Town Hall

The Challenge

How to add decorations to an already lavishly decorated room without overpowering the viewer and without damaging any of the fixtures, fittings or furnishings, some of which are very valuable.

Christmas Tree at Manchester Town Hall with Major of Manchester
Christmas Tree at Manchester Town Hall
Fireplace with Christmas Garland

The solution

Firstly, it was an honour to be invited to provide our services in the Town Hall and more so for the fact that we were to be trusted with the internal decoration.

Externally, at the time, everyone knew that there was an inflatable Santa on the Town Hall and it detracted somewhat from some of the other decorations., But internally, there was a blank canvass.

Working closely with the team int eh Mayor’s office we created a scheme that allowed them to keep the existing fixtures and fittings and for us to supply a lighting solution that complemented the period building. It was a real interior design challenge but one which we loved!

The Mayors parlour was very grand and classic, just as you would expect with lots of red carpet and gold embossed wallpaper. It lent itself to a traditional Christmas tree and some garlands in reds and golds.

The Mayor was very knowledgeable about what he wanted, and he agreed with our assessment of the room, right down to the finer detail.

We did it. We provided a solution completely in keeping with the décor and delivered it on time and on budget.

Barker Family Stairs with Garland

Mr & Mrs Barker

Front of Rosso restaurant and bar

Rosso Restaurant

Bridgewater Hall with white christmas lights

Bridgewater Hall