The Midland Hotel, MANCHESTER

How do you get ready for Christmas at one of Manchester’s most iconic landmarks?

Sandra Dixon is Executive Head Housekeeper at Manchester’s Midland Hotel, and here she explains why she uses the Christmas Decorators Manchester.

“People have high expectations of a big, famous hotel like the Midland. Having such great Christmas decorations gives us an edge on everyone else. We think we do take more bookings for afternoon tea during the Christmas period as people come in to soak up the atmosphere,” says Sandra. Before the Midland began using the Christmas Decorators back in 2010, the hotel had focused mostly on the large tree in reception.

However, they noticed that increasing numbers of buildings in Manchester were using external lights. It was felt that the Midland not only needed to match other buildings in Manchester, but also create a ‘wow’ factor on the outside to draw people in. “We hadn’t realised that kind of service existed before,” says Sandra. “We knew about the bigcompanies that do the Arndale but they are just too big for us. Thee first year, we started with just some lighting outside. It was great. It definitely added value.”.

Midland Hotel archways decorated with Christmas lights

The Christmas Decorators Manchester always come up trumps!


As a result of the hotel’s first experiences using the Christmas Decorators Manchester, Sandra has worked with the business consistently since. She says: “We are very pleased with the way they work and that’s why we’ve used them again each year. Last year, the Christmas Decorators Manchester also did some work inside for us, some extra lighting in the main function room. We got lots of positive comments from staff and customers, they were very impressed with the decorations.”

Sandra explains that, like any business, the budget the Midland has for Christmas decorations will depend on how well they have been doing over the year. “Whatever we need, Gavin and his team always come up with the goods. We’ve never had any problems. They are pleasant to work with and they work in a timely way. If an issue ever comes up they will come back and rectify it.”

Sandra says she is very impressed with the service she gets from the business but, ultimately, it is the end results she is impressed by:
“They understand what we want. I don’t believe there is another company that could do it any better.”


Barker Family Stairs with Garland

Mr & Mrs Barker

Front of Rosso restaurant and bar

Rosso Restaurant

Bridgewater Hall decorated with christmas lights

Bridgewater Hall