Manchester Christmas Markets


All of us will agree Christmas 2020 was cancelled last year as we all spent our festive time indoors as Covid put a stop to our annual festive celebrations. I live in Manchester City centre and it was strange to walk down an empty Deansgate, there was no traffic, and very few people about!


I walked past Manahatta bar & restaurant then Ban Yan bar & restaurant, both venues are customers of ours and they love to push the boat out and celebrate with a full offering of Christmas Decorations, both these famous Manchester bars requested we install their decorations during lockdown hoping and expecting they would be open by Christmas, they were ready to party! But it didn’t happen.


Most of the restaurants, bars and hotels expected to open so they could celebrate Christmas, regular Customers like Rosso Restaurant and Hotel Gotham, and the Midland Hotel also failed to open. Gotham also asked us to decorate their hotel, but it wasn’t to be, they remained closed. Even the German Markets didn’t open, the Christmas lights and decorations by Manchester Council were also wasted.


This year will be different I promise you! Everything will be open, every bar, every restaurant, every hotel and you will see our Christmas lights and Christmas Decorations everywhere in Manchester! We intend to decorate every place we can with Christmas garlands, led lighting, Christmas trees, you name it and we will supply and install it! We are determined to make up for last year by rolling two Christmases into one great big one!


If you would like Christmas decorations at your home, or your business in Manchester this year, contact us soon, like now, because this year is going to be a big one!